Dash of the SunnieBunnieZZ

Hi, I'm Dash Sunnie Bunnie©,
oldest son of Sunnie and Hunnie.

Grammaw and Grampaw to you!

I love to see new places and try new things.
I was so, happy when my sister, Berrie
married Brick.

He brought so much that was new
and wonderful to the hill.

Magicians hat with a bunny

I am not the greatest gardener but I do okay.
What I am good at is running.
Dad wants me to take over for him
delivering Easter baskets.

So, shshh! don't say anything yet,
but, I'm planning on leaving
the hill for awhile
and going to Fable Folk Forest.

I want to see the place he grew up
and meet some of the folks
he talks about in his stories.


Well, all in good time!
Maybe it's just a dream I have but,

I think I might meet the girl of my dreams
on just such a glorious journey.

Dear, Dear, I'm day dreaming, again!

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