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TBTT038 Mother TBTT480437 Father TBTT48040 Brother TBTT48039 Sister
Easter Family
SB12604 Doll Puppet Dad SB12606 Doll Puppet Son SB12605 Doll Plush Mother SB12607 Doll Puppet Girl

Easter Bunny 15 inch TBTT48025 12" Small Pink Bunny TBOTJ 03 15" Large Pink Rabbit SB12724 Plush White Rabbit
Easter Bunnies

TBOTJ01 15 Inch Jumbo Duck TBTT48004 Cutie Little Duck SB12508 Softee Yellow Duck
Easter Ducks
SB12502 Softee Lamb TTLAMB Cutie Lamb
Easter Lamb
TBTT48002 Frog SB12525 1201 Softee Frog SBP12725  Plush Frog

STYMLAMBWB393A Lamb STYMDUCKWB328  Duckling TBFY1004 Yarn Duck

Easter Baskets With Puppets!

LDTKTED  Little Duck And The Key To Every Door

Our "Little Duck And The Key To Every Door Basket" comes 5 puppets in  the Easter play of the same name and activities!



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