Lucky 13 Riddler No Visuals
Go to file on the menu and then print out and do. 
You may answer the riddles by filling in the right word. 

I am a pie and a patch. 

I ride brooms wearing wide brim hats!

I purr, meow, hiss and scratch.

I have hooves and horns,
 pitchfork and match.

I have wings and fangs am gray or black
am often stewed in Witches vats. 

Boo Hoo I taunt you in clean white sheets
in haunted houses or gravesides we often meet.

I have many heads all made of stone 
and holes as deep as a caskets home.

I sleep all day in a coffin tight
but, with biting fangs drink blood all night!

I am an 8 foot monster 
yet, a re-enlivened man
 sewn dead parts, feet, face and hands.

I howl at the moon with teeth and claws
Once a man now, cursed, with fur and paws.

I once was human, flesh and skin
but, now am just the bones 
of what I once had been.

I am candy, fruit, sweet and snack
given to the bell ringers so, they won't be back.

I come one scary night a year
October 31, is the date to fear.

Now, the riddling finished. 
It has been all done.
Happy Solstice EVE
 Believe me, sure Is Fun!

The End

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