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Made to look like regular text to fool the spammers

Choose one of the following addresses. ,
In your to box type the address using no spaces and substitute the at with an @ just as in a regular email

carol at
to contact Carol

sunniebunniezz at
to contact Linda

Dear Friends,

To make sure your email gets through to us please give a good subject such as PUPPETS.

We receive thousands of spam messages per day. There are only two of us and Carol is in charge of the email. We do use a spam filter at the sunniebunniezz server BUT there are over 3,000 messages in the spam folder every day and this number is increasing daily. We do a search in the spam folder on the subject line for the word puppet and delete the rest of the messages.

If your message inadvertently ends up in the spam folder a good subject will help us to more easily pick it out from all the junk mail.

The aol address is good because aol has an excellent filter and it is easier for us to spot a good email there.

We receive so many link requests. We generally do not reply. We are looking for appropriate links for children that relate to our site.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Carol and Linda

  No longer available email addresses

We disconnected these addresses to protect us from the spam harvesters.

EMail Grampaw Grampaw E-Mail GrammawGrammaw E-Mail sunnieb @sunnie bunniezz..comFly Home Art Sunrise IslandSunnieB webmaster or coppcarb

If you have been getting email returned it is because we must periodically shut down some of our email addresses. When we receive thousands of pieces of spam mail per day to an address we shut it down. We hope to discourage spammers. As you may know, spammers use automatic processes to glean email addresses from web sites.  We pay for server space as well as traffic. Spamming traffic mounts up.

Spammers also use other sites addresses to spam others. It is obnoxious when spammers use our address, (called spoofing) to spam others. Be assured that you have not received spam from us.

It is unfortunate that there is so much spam abuse. When we first started our site it was fun to receive email. Now it is a time consuming drudgery and there are just the two of us to handle it.

We are trying various methods to obscure our addresses from the spamming robots that will allow friends of our site to contact us. We tried using a Web Board and a Guestbook provided by our ISP so that messages could be left for us. There was no means to filter the messages. Inappropriate content was repeatedly posted to the board or Guestbook despite notices not to. We took down the WebBoard and Guestbook from the ISP to protect our readers.

We put up a contact page to inform our readers about what is working and what is not. We were using HTMLGear as a contact mechanism but stopped as that was being abused.

We are keeping carol @ sunniebunniezz and linda @ sunniebunniezz open most of the time. Just be aware that sometimes these tired old eyes delete the good mail along with the bad so give a good clue in the subject line to help it stand out from the junk mail. The address sunniebunniezz@ is usually always open.


We do enjoy hearing from our many friends.


Carol  and Linda

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