Berrie of The Buildin' SunnieBunnieZZ

Hi, My name is Berrie.
I am the Oldest child of Grampaw
and Grammaw.
They are Father and Mother to me.Berrie Nunnie-Sunnie Bunnie©

I love to bake and gather wild Changing Fruitfruits,
plants and herbs.
I am a bit of a health nut bunnie.

I married Brick Buildin' Bunnie several years ago
and have been happy ever since.

The Buildin' Bunniezz
are a no nonsense family.

Brick and I have two boys, Jolten and Bolten.

I was so, happy that Brick,
who is a great carpenter and excellent builder,
wanted to live on Sundrop Hill.

He wanted to do his part to help keep
the EasterCross traditions alive,
that started on Sunrise Island,
when Maw and Paw
came to the hill with the Great Book.

Sniffing Flowers Bunny

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