School Busabc'sStudent Writing

Words are made up of ABC ChalkboardA B C's and the World  
is defined by all of these
so, come along and learn with me
Let's say and sing them in sweet harmony!

a is for apple, ant, angel, art, air.
b is for bunny, book, bee, bird and bear.
c is for crayon, cow, crab, cat and cake.
d is for dolphin, dog, dragon, daybreak.
e is for elephant, elf, eagle, elk, eye.
f is for family, farm, fire, fox and fly.
g is for gopher, goose, giraffe, goat and grouse.
h is hippo, hat, horse, hawk and house.
i is for indian, ice, island, igloo.
j is for jungle, jump and jack-in-the-box too!
k is for kangaroo, kite, key and kitty.
l is for lion, lamb, loon, leopard, and lily.
m is for mother, mouse, monkey, moose, moon.
n is for needle, nurse, night, nest and noon.
o is for octopus, ostrich, owl, ox.
p is for penguin, pig, panda, peacocks.
q is for quarter, queen, quail, quilt and quasar.
r is for raccoon, rooster, rabbit, rhino and razor.
s is for seagull, swan, seal, sun and sea.
t is for turkey, tooth, tiger and tree.
u if for unicorn, umbrella and uni-cycling.
v is for violin, volcano, vulture, and viking.
w is for wizard, whale, wolf and wishbone.
x is for
xl, x-ray and xylophone.
y is for yoyo, yolk, yardstick and yak.
z is for zebra, zoo and zodiac.

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