Gramppaw Sunnie of the SunnieBunnieZZ

Grampaw Sunnie Sunnie Bunnie©


Hello, I'm Grampaw Sunnie
of the Tale Telling Sunnie BunnieZZ©!

I guess you could say,
pretty much all the important tales
on Sunrise Island really began
with me and that Book!

Sun and Palm Tree

Yes, believe it or not.
They had never seen a book, or the written word.
They didn't even know what words were before I came.

I brought my tales and truths of life along
with me and a big purple Book.
It was a little upsetting for some of the critters then,
for Bunnie Burrows
was all that they knew and loved.
And it didn't help that I could only read a few words in the book, either!

Gopher love to dig!

Sad that there is no longer a Bunnie Burrows now,
its a distant memory for most
and just a Bunnie Fable to my grandchildren.

I owe my life to that book as much as I owe it to Uncle Jump who found and raised me
in Dare Woods.

I also owe my life to my sweet, good hearted,
kind and loving wife Hunnie.
She saved my life and gave me three kids
to share it with,
who in turn gave me four grand children
to share it with
and so on and on we go ...

I now, have two other members in my family,
Brick, my son-in-law,
married to my daughter, Berrie.

And the lovely Summer married to my son Chasen.
And of course there is my son, Dash,
who has yet to marry.

Hope he finds someone just as wonderful
as my other two kids did.
All and all I'm a happy fella with my garden, my Easter duties,
my family and for fun,


my puppets!

How I love to tell the kids stories
with those puppets.

Gotta go get back to my gardening.
See ya!


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