Labor Day Crossword Deluxe

Labor Day Deluxe Crossword

 2 Take a plane
 7 Monday through Friday
 8 Day honoring worker
 9 Holiday month
11 Lunching outside
13 Earnings paid by
16 Profession
20 Tenting
22 Production sector
23 Workers
24 Cookout
 1 Autumn
 2 Old MacDonald was one
 3 Sign of sleepiness
 4 Saturday and Sunday
 5 Excursion
 6 Not on time
 9 Kids return to after Labor Day
10 Card punched at work
12 Outside grilling
14 Annual pay
15 Day of celebration
17 Laborers
18 Day of week for holiday
19 Travel on to school
21 Products

Labor Day Deluxe Crossword Solution

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