New Year's Day Deluxe Crossword Puzzle.

2 Party or event
5 Toast with this
7 Night
8 Decision to do
11 12 months
12 Opposite of old
17 Pre drink speech
20 Tiny pieces of colored paper
21 Song of New Year
23 Good feelings

1 Track months of year
2 Not night
4 In white robe and sickle
6 First month of year
9 New Year's Eve month

10 Celebration
13 New Year Sport
14 Waltzing is a kind of
15 Honk with these
16 Stroke of _ brings New Year
18 March in these
19 When stars are out
22 Do this with music

New Years Day Baby New Year is here!Deluxe Crossword Puzzle

New Years Day Deluxe Crossword Puzzle Solution

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