Veteran's Deluxe Crossword Puzzle



 2  Fight among nations
 4  Serve as ground troops
 8  Weapon
12  Famous Arlington site
15  Serve in air
16  Found in cemetery
19  March in this
20  Logic used to win
22  Special memory
23  Responsibility
 1  A fight
 3  Served in armed forces
 5  Toughest of tough
 6  Brave soldier
 7  For winner of fight
 9  Give respect
10  Stars and stripes
11  Won for bravery
13  Shot from guns
14  For fight loser
15  WWI agreement
17  Armed forces
18  Serves on ships
21  Weapons

Veteran's Day Deluxe Crossword Puzzle

Veteran's Day Deluxe Crossword Puzzle Solution

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