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Linda A. Copp and Carol A. Carbonell
Partners in Copp Carbonell Publishing
own and operate the
Sunnie BunnieZZ

Our Mission

~ Create a safe place on the Internet for kids
~ Provide a site high in content and low in commercialization
~ Provide a family site with activities for all
~ Facilitate interaction across generations through content material


SunnieBunnieZZ began as a storytelling site.
Linda, a prolific writer, was convinced that there were children, much like herself as a child, who enjoyed stories in many forms of expression including puppetry and poetry.
The Internet was a means of presenting stories with more complex interactions than previously available.
Linda also felt that children needed a safe place on the Web to enjoy the art of a story in an atmosphere free of hype, pressure or hucksterism that is so prevalent in children's material.
She began experimenting with this, then new, medium of communication which meant that she had to learn how to use a computer, modem, email, art and word processing software.
Whew!!! It was quite an adventure.

She put up the SunnieBunniezz site. She loaded up some of her hundreds and hundreds of poems that she had written over the years along with holiday puppet plays and activities.
She continued working on her stories of 'The Land of As Is'
excited by the interactivity that was possible in this new communications medium.
Lo and behold! Storytelling took a back seat as the 'SunnieBunniezz', Linda and Carol, were almost overwhelmed with the enthusiastic response. People from all over the world wrote. There was an interest in puppetry and poetry that took the 'SunnieBunnieZZ' by surprise. Linda made up her mind to make the puppetry section a resource of information for these fellow puppet enthusiasts. She also put up scriptlets. Linda also began making puzzles and activities to go with the poems and other content.

Simultaneously, Linda, under her pseudonym,
Lady LaMythica, the Wizardress of "Aureole the Faery Star"
where the 'Land of As Is' is located,
was very busy with her LadyLaMythica.com website where she wanted to explain the creation of this faerie star for an older audience as well as the stories and characters who inhabited her more whimsical side of the star intended for little ones. Lady LaMythica is for teens and elders.
Many of her fantasy poems about this world reside there and are of a more epic view of the lands great history. In short, Tales of Aureole the Faerie Star and Tales from the Land of AS Is is a story presented on two levels of the stars development.  "The Quest for Aureole"
 as well as, the fantasy poems related to this world are intended to appeal to those interested in spirituality, folklore, faeriedom, social issues.
Lady LaMythica houses all of Linda's poetry, inclusive of links to Dark Ages, Dark Pages.com and Linda's survivor's poetry. 

The SunnieBunnieZZ site does not link directly to *LadyLaMythica.com or Dark Ages, Dark Pages.com because it is not within the age range of the SunnieBunnieZZ. We do link from LadyLaMythica.com and from Dark Ages, Dark Pages.com to the The SunnieBunnieZZ. In this way, we protect children from harsher content. Linda scrutinized her poetry and rewrote any that were too jarring or harsh and placed them in a section for the younger reader on SunnieBunnieZZ and moved the originals to the middies and elders section or offsite. At LadyLaMythica Linda could share writing without the vocabulary level and theme constraints of the younger audience.
We have now 'caught our breath' and are turning more of our attention back to the storytelling aspect of SunnieBunnieZZ. Linda is working on scripts and scriptlets, plays and poems as well as the stories from the 'Land of As Is'. It is quite an undertaking. There are thousands of pages and files. During 2002 we had almost a million visitors. We received, at one time, well over a million visitors a year. People who write to us are surprised to find out that there are only the two of us who maintain these sites. Linda does all the creative writing.

*Note that the LadyLaMythica.com and LaMythica's Realm, links on this page are not 'live' or active. Also note that this is the only page on the SunnieBunniezz.com site that mentions them. You would have to carefully type the web addresses in to get to them. We do this to maintain age appropriateness at SunnieBunnieZZ.com.

The Land of As Is

Linda has been writing since she was very young. There are people who can write a story or many stories. I admire writers for that ability. It is a rare writer, indeed, who has the ability to create a whole world of inter-related stories. That is what the 'Land of As Is" is. There are many stories, places and characters in this land. The amazing thing about these stories is that each story can stand on its own with its characters and plots and location but these characters can also turn up, and quite naturally too, in many of the other stories of 'The Land of As Is'. It is just awesome!!! Also, the names of the characters and locations are quite delightful.

Land Of AS Is Button Click for large view.

Over the years, Linda collected scrap book after scrap book of her people and stories. I was intrigued with the huge butterfly that she had drawn whose wings were colorfully divided into areas that represented the counties within, "The Land of As Is," her children's story land. I would read through them and enjoy the big beautiful colors and the wonderful names of the places and characters. I thought she should publish the stories but novice that I was, I soon learned that the print publishing world had constraints such as a four color limit and generally a thirty-three page size books. Then there were those, who wanted no rhyming and only so many characters with so many syllables in the names. The publishing domain had its formulas with an emphasis on how to be more 'commercial' and all this would have taken away the uniqueness, warmth and charm of her stories. Hence, it was best to go it alone and in our own way!
Convinced that her stories needed to be shared with the world and that ordinary publishing was not a good enough medium to show the interconnectedness of the world that she had created in
'The Land of As Is'
I realized that the place for these stories was definitely the Web. Hypertext interested me long before email or the Web became a ubiquitous expression. I was an educator who worked with computers. I wrote enthusiastically about 'Using the Internet as a Research and Learning Tool as my Master's Degree learning project. It was pioneering stuff way back then and fortuitous for us.
Linda had never used a desktop computer at that time. Let's face it, Windows 3.0 was just evolving into 3.1. You can imagine the blank stares that I received when I talked to Linda about 'hyperlinking' or 'hypertext'. I showed her the help menu with its hypertext on the 'desktop' of the Windows operating system. Finally, I convinced Linda that her stories were made for the hypertext computer world of many colors, sixteen at that time! The computer would soon be able to handle a then amazing 256 colors! Now, the desktop can handle millions of colors. Anyhow, long story short, she is now happily working in the medium of the Web and I am happy with one of my most successful converts to the world of the PC and the Internet, if you will pardon my bragging. It has been a wonderful collaboration. We have learned together and we have met so many friends and supporters on the Internet.
Thank you one and all for your love and support.


How Do You Support Your Activities
We started selling puppets in early 2004 after countless requests from our visitors for puppet resources. We have had a lot of success and fun with it but are now phasing out the selling of puppets from our site.
We once earned money through Amazon links but have not in years as people now have many ways to access resources on their own.  We do offer suggestions at times.

Do you have future plans to support your activities?

We will release our own custom materials for sale to our fans such as personalized DVD/CD's for special occasions. We will provide for sale such items as puppets, popular stories and characters of the scripts and scriptlets and materials in electronic or digital ebook form. We welcome suggestions.

Why don't you sell them now?
It would focus our attention on the commercial rather than the creative aspect of the site. That focus may have a subtle lure that would bring us away from the mission of our site. There is never enough time for family and friends. We make enough money to survive and support ourselves and the activities that we enjoy. We believe that we will have enough material on each part of our site and then we will provide material to our fans in other mediums.
We do custom certificates for a purposely limited clientele who want a thoughtful means of marking an important event or accomplishment. For this reason you will find no advertisements or mention on any of our sites for our custom certificate business.
We appreciate the many messages we have received that encourage us to 'keep up the good work'. It is a form of moral support that is priceless. It reinforces to us that our mission is being realized.

Thank you, 
Linda and Carol

Linda, CC and Carol Christmas 2016
Christmas 2016 Linda, CC and Carol

More about Linda and Carol

Linda is Art Bunnie, the author and illustrator of the Sunnie BunnieZZ stories. Linda worked with developmentally disabled individuals managing a group home for The Mental Health Association, before she came to Sunrise Island. Linda, like her BunnieZZ, has many interests; puppetry, poetry, astronomy, photography, Native American Indian legends and folklore, aquariums, numerology, Reiki, theology, literature, and quotes which amplify the human condition. She has a background working in the silicon wafer manufacturing field as well as, the supervision of all aspects of their testing and certification in independent test house facilities. Writing is her true avocation. She is quite prolific.

Carol is Techno Bunnie, the technician who keeps the computers in shape and sites updated to produce the SunnieBunnieZZ sights and sounds. Carol, a recently retired Technology teacher,  Certified as an Instructional Technology Specialist, all grade levels, by the state of Massachusetts, holds a Masters Degree in Education from Cambridge College, an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, and a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.
She still misses her dog Floyd as well as Miss Kitty and Calico. She enjoys reading, dancing and working with technology.  She regularly participates in several newsgroups. She watches sports and some mystery series and particularly enjoys the British series with the aid of closed captioning. She finally let go of her 1968 Mustang.

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