The Arctic

Polar Cub Bear and Baby Seal hugging in friendship.
The Arctic has no Penguins,
but it has SealsSeal galore.
Who slip and slide along the ice
and down its snow capped shore.
The Arctic has no crocodiles,
but it hasPolar Bear Polar Bears.
Arctic hares, fox, and musk ox,
are also living there.

The Arctic has no parakeets,
but has albatross Loonsand loons.
Snowy Snowy Owlowls and rock ptarmigans
fish there all afternoon.

The Arctic has no Kangaroos,
but has Walrus, Whales
Caribou Caribous.

And The Arctic Tern returns here too
though it migrates south to Antarctica
when Winters due!

Now, The Arctic Ocean is the smallest ocean
and the shortest route there is
from North America to Russia
where the USSR, once lived.

It flows into the Pacific Ocean
pouring through the Bering Strait
and to the Atlantic Ocean
where the Greenland Sea's
, its gate.
Greenland, Europe, Asia,
and North America are then
the land masses surrounding
this icy North Polar region.
Add the Arctic Islands
and her Seas, please as well
and the Arctic Oceans bottled up
in to waters it can't sell.
The Arctic shows it's midnightSunshine sun,
6 months night, then day.
And if you don't mind the freezing cold,
it's a real cool place to stay.

Ask the Lemming and the Sable,
the Ermine and the Crane,
the Salmon, the Cod and Char fish
also don't complain.

Still, remember that the North Pole
is never, ever, quite as cold
as the South Pole on its axis
where Antarctica unfolds.

Though "The Arctic" is a major source
of chilly, cold, cold air
when it moves toward the equator,
crashing into warmer air,
somewhere in the middle
of both of these extremes ...
It causes rain and snow fall.
Yes, the Arctic truly, seems
to be a most important factor
to our weather tracking there
by the weathermen and scientists,
who record it with such care!

The Arctic has no Indians,
but hasEskimo Eskimos
who lived in Spring in seal tents
and in winter, with in igloos made of snow.
But now, most of them live just like us,
in houses made of wood.
The times have changed like people do,
as will your neighborhood.
So, Good-bye to Arctic life,
seals and Eskimos!
Goodbye to Artic skies,
we've really got to go.
We're glad to have met your animals
and seen your ice and snow.
Though, your tundra's got a hold on us, 
and just like the Deer feeding on grass in tundra. Caribou,
who come to graze in Summer here
on grasses green and new.

The seasons change and we have to go, 
for there's still lots we've yet to do.
So, good-bye, good-bye to all of you,
our journey here is through.

©Linda A. Copp, 1998 

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