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Kid's Corner
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Featured Poems For Kids Corner

Seasonal Poetry for Kids

Spring & Easter


Autumn & Halloween &Thanksgiving

Winter Poetry

Christmas Poetry

Geography Poems

Antarctica The Artic
CanadaMusic is heard on this page. Australia
African Drums Original Version
Africa Hums, Africa Drums Shorter Version
Geography Poem
And Links to More Poems and Activities

Middies and Elders

Favorite Poems

She's A Storyteller
A Tribute to Melanie
My favorite Singer, Songwriter and Poet!

 I Know It is Near! 
by Katie Rosselle

If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking
by Emily Dickinson

The Land Of As Is©
Poems from which characters and lands developed

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Elder's Corner
Poetry for Middies and Elders

  Spiritual Corner
Spiritual Poems for All Ages!

Poetry Activities Directory

Puppets For Sale!

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