Father's Day Books and Resources

Father's Day  books and resources.

Father's Day Stories

Just Me And My Dad
by Mercer Mayer


The Dad Of The Dad Of The Dad Of Your Dad
by Jeffrey Moss

The Little Father
by Gelett Burgess Yorinks

Father's and Son's
by Denize Laublure

In Daddy's Arms I Am Tall

Daddy, Daddy Be There
by Candy Dawson


All Dads On Deck
by Judy Delton

Best Man for The Job
by Louise Mandrell

Dad's Dinosaur Day
by Diane Dawson Hearn

The Day I swapped My Dad for 2 Goldfish
by Neil Gaiman

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day
(A Novel) by John Calvin Batchelor

Always My Dad
by Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Father Bear Comes Home
by Else Holmelund









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