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Patriotic Music of America cover
The American Military Band CD)

 Christy Lane's Celebrate America

 Sing America

 Battle Cry of Freedom
~ by Robert Shaw Chorale
(Audio CD)

 Music Of The American Revolution:  
The Birth Of Liberty

 Liberty Tree:

Early American Music 1776

 Our America:

15 Patriotic Songs by Our Children

 Ballads of the Green Berets

 Karaoke Children's Classics, Vol. 1

 Black Hawk Down

Patriotic Music Sites Midi mp3 Audio Lyrics

  Patriotic Midis

USA Patriotic Tunes
(with Lyrics)

All American Patriotic Midi

Patriotic Midi Collection

Jack's Traditional and Patriotic Tunes

The Fifties Web
 Patriotic Songs
Lyrics MP3 Midi Wav

Music To Play
When Words Fail
In Remembrance Links Page

Ceremonial Music Online


Music of Patriotism for America

Laura's Midi Heaven

Patriotic Music and Lyrics

NIEHS Patriotic Sing a Long Kids

Connect Texas Patriotic Tunes Tributes to Our Heroes

Patriotic Midis

USA Patriotic Tunes
(with Lyrics)

All American Patriotic Midi

Patriotic Midi Collection

John Philip Sousa

The Works of Sousa
in Midi and RealAudio

Sousa Marches

Lyrics to Patriotic Songs

The Midi Mirage
Patriotic Midis

Memorial Day In Cyberspace

Kevs Patriotic Midi Bonanza

Military Tunes and Sound Effects

National Memorial Day Concert

My Patriotic Music Page

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