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An Angel at My Table
An Angel at My Table tells the story of famed New Zealand author Janet Frame. Introverted and sensitive as a girl she was later misdiagnosed as schizophrenic and spent eight years in a psychiatric hospital where she published her first books while still confined to a mental ward.
Poetry in Motion  
Award winning director Ron Mann filmed over 75 poets and writers for what AMERICAN FILM called "the Woodstock of Poetry". Through the spoken word they reinvented language giving a fresh, loud voice to an era contending with major change.  

 Poet Voices: Pilgrim Song

Rumi-Poet of the Heart 

Merle Haggard Poet of the Common Man

  Edgar Allan Poe: Architect of Dreams

   Pit & The Pendulum

  Tales of Terror 

   Sounds of Poetry


Puppets For Sale!

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