She's A Storyteller
A tribute to the one and only Melanie
My favorite, Singer, Songwriter and Poet

She's A Storyteller, reflecting on the times.
She's A Storyteller, weaving feelings
into melodies and rhymes.
More than mere Poet,
Not just a singer,
as you may have come to know it.
She's a musical magician,
part muse and all musician.
Yes, She's a Storyteller,
She's all these things combined.

The composer sings, we listen!
We give our hearts permission.
trumming chords across guitar strings.
Fingers finding her own rhythm,
Going deep, she travels with them
to the center of her soul.

Where in that velvet morning
lies her depths of being,
yet, still forming.
She releases raw emotions
from deepy, depths, they soar

On a voice that is pure magic,
magnificence, her soul.
One could not ask for more!

Yes, she's a Storyteller,
a Soul Seeker and Soul Dweller.
In perfect Harmony we listen.
 She's Reaching out to me.
Selfless in her giving,
pure, in her generosity.
Her soul revealed and shared,
seeks mine
and touches me.

And I am not alone.
The Audience is One.

The Storyteller leaves the stage now,
but when tomorrow comes
she will still be with us
when we remember,
 this moment we all shared,
This moment we were ONE!
And I am not Alone.

By Linda A. Copp
August 5, 2006

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