By Katie Roselle

Katie Roselle's "Heavin' The Graven Troll"

"Heavin' the Grave'n Troll" and Background 
"Trolls A Grave Matter" by Katie Rosselle

In the middle of the Enchanted Forest
Lies the graveyard for abandoned souls.
A collection of the wretched, evil minds
Now cast into ugly, twisted Trolls.
Who was once bathed in beauty and wisdom
Is now a tarnished memory
In the broken looking glass of time.

Forever lost of all glory and goodness,
Never to feast again on the sweet
Of life.

Lost souls wandering aimlessly.
Pathetic creatures
Kneeling over the remnants
Of their long forgotten lives.
Sifting through the pungent ashes
For some meaning
And understanding.

Perhaps just a fragment,
Or a thread
Of the shredded tapestry
Woven so selfishly
With their very own gnarled fingers.
But see only the baron existence
Of pain, lies and deceit.

Self inflicted wounds of ignorance.

Scavengers for truth,
Starving for the meaning of spirit.
But the answers will not come so easily
To those who blunder.

Left to wallow in the tomb
Of torture

They so carelessly fell into
After digging deep
At the kind souls and spirits of others.
A thief of energy and auras,
Stealing the very essence
Of all that is good.

Turning and churning
Life's nectar into venom.
Only to spit it back
On the face of the angels.

Learning too late
The price they would pay.
Lost and forgotten

August 20, 2000
Katie Rosselle

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