The Sunnie Bunniezz Anniversary Song

 A Long Time Ago
Piano man playing his tuneA
Piano Player

Music by Rick Rowan
Poem, lyrics by Gramaw Hunnie a.k.a Linda A. Copp

Hunnie and Sunnie after 25 years of Marriage!
Gramaw Hunnie and Grampaw Sunnie

One sweet yesterday,
We walked these shores in the sunlight,
Holding hands and laughing,
splashing in the waves that kissed,
Our young hearts then in the morning mist.
We loved like this.
A Long Time Ago.
A Long Time Ago,
one sweet yesterday.
We wandered these hills in the moonlight.
Holding hands and dreaming
Of days and nights to be.
We were young and so in love.
It was meant to be,
Yes, you and me
A Long Time Ago.
A Long Time Ago
one sweet yesterday.
we climbed this hill,
And stood kissing in the moonlight.
Looking back at these sweet yesterdays,
When We were young and so, in love,
A Long Time Ago.
I still love you so.
From A Long Time Ago.
A Long Time Ago.

Poem by Linda A. Copp "Gramaw Hunnie"


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The Music heard on this page,  
"A Long time Ago"
 was composed and performed by
Rick Rowan
1999 © Rick Rowan


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