How Hunnie And Sunnie 
Became the Sunnie BunnieZZ

Glossary Page

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    The proper spelling is bunny and bunny's but, "The Sunnie Bunniezz" always refer to themselves and other bunnies as bunnie or bunnies with the ie, instead of the y.
    Great Mann Elder:
    The first tree that every grew on Sunrise Island at the tip-pity top of Sundrop Hill. It blooms with many different kinds of leaves and is home to "The Book" Sunnie brought to the Island.
    Tree branches or limbs.
    Sunset Bay: Sunrise island is surrounded on all sides by this beautiful water way.
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    A mess of things tied together or entwined, snarled.
    A pleasant smell or odor.
    When a flower's buds open up to show their petals. A time when flowers blossom and grow.
    enchanted: A magical person, place or thing.
    To seek or look for something.

    serenity: A peaceful feeling.
    Painted backdrops for stage productions or landscapes.
    Page 04
    To jump or run.
    Very small branchy like trees.
    Another name for pine trees.
    Any place of great happiness, such as heaven or the Garden of Eden.
    Bunnie Burrows: The name of the first bunnie village on Sunrise Island.

    fantasy: An imagining or illusion, not real, make-believe.
    make-believe: Imaginary, pretending, not real, not true.
    yarns: Stories or tales.
    overflowed: When something is more than full and over runs its borders, brim, top or sides. A spill over.
    believing: When some thinks something is true, real, will happen, a principle believed.
    fairy tales: Make-believe stories, made up and imagined. Not true, not real.
    Page 06
    youthful: To be young or at an early age of development.
    In the middle of or among a group.
    Soaked, wet to overflowing, totally wet, waterlogged.
    A thin vapor, or fog, light smoke.
    The beat of music, specifically.
    Crests of water, like curves rising on top of the water, moving to the tide or when the water is disturbed by motions upon it. Swells.
    to and fro:
    To move back and forth, away and then toward.
    To move your body and feet to the rhythm or certain beats of music.
    Page 07
    Full of tenderness, gentle feelings of love, excitement or joy.
    The land, such as a beach, where any body of water meets it.
    Maybe, there is a chance, a possibility.
    Sapphire Sea:
    The water way that separates the two halves of The Land of AS IS, specifically it is the gateway to the west.
    Page 08
    To sit or lie in direct sunlight and expose the body to its rays.
    ebb: The flow of the tide as it goes back out toward the sea.
    tide: A period of time when any body of water flows into the shore.
    lulled: To be made to feel calm and peaceful by either soothing sounds or gentle motions.
    lapping: A sound of gentle splashing.
    Page 09
    : Unexpectedly, without warning, or quickly.
    shriek: To scream, yell or talk in a high pitched voice.
    swiped: To hit or whack at someone or something.
    flung: To throw something with force.
    swung: To swing or sway backwards and forwards.
    chased: To run after someone or something.
    edge: Sharpness or keenness as the cutting part of a knife.
    stumbled: To trip when running or walking.
    tumbled: To fall down and or roll about.
    Page 10
    To be all wet and dripping.
    angrier: More angry or madder than another.
    vanished: To have disappeared.
    A distance away.
    bobbing: Bouncing up and down, usually in water.
    o'er: Over.
    wondered: To be surprised or to question an event or happening.
    curious: To be interested in something, wanting to learn or to know.
    tote: To pull drag or carry something.

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