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Summer Sunnie-Bunnie©

Hello, my name is Summer

I am married to Chasen

We have two children a girl, Brynn and a boy, Race.
I am very proud of my family.

However, I am a little concerned about our Brynn.
She is a little artist, in fact,
she draws the pictures you seehere
and you simply must go to her Art Gallery
but, the thing is she seldom speaks.

She draws everything out she wants to say
or she makes these hand signs but,
SELDOM a word.
For a long time I began to think
she could not talk at all!

She understands what we say
and I know she must hear,
because she dances round and round when we sing!


But, still no words, unless something just spills out,
it is upsetting.

I think all in good time, someday, you know,
maybe she's just shy!
Race more than makes up for Brynn's quiet,
why he is a little chatter box.

What with his poems, and rhymes and laughter!
What I would give to hear my daughter laugh out loud!

Anyway, there I go again!


Everyone says I'm so, serious,
I like facts and books and things written down.

Race does not get his make believing from me.
He is his Father's son, thank Sunnie-Bunnie Goodness
that I married Chasen,
he just sings and laughs
and tells his tales with such great joy.

I love that Bunnie, so many do!

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