Geography Geography is a spinning Globe. Introduction


Sunnie Bee says,"Listen to me, there's alot to see."My name is SunnieB,
Which is short for Sunnie's Bee.
I'm the Island news carrier
and as you will soon see.
I have traveled many places beyond,
The Land of As Is
into the world beyond it
where geography lives.

Geography, Geography,
it's lots of different lands.
Made up of rivers, lakes and fountains,
quarries, quakes and sands.

Geography, Geography,
it's places that I go.
Made up of rising mountains,
rocks and plants and snow.
And in all these different places,
life has come to be and grow,
in tune with each changing climate,
continent and so,
It truly, is surprising, what we all will do,
from the beetle to the daisy,
Geography, for you.

I've seen the North and South of it.
I've seen the East and West.
I've seen the in between of it
and though homes always, still the best.
I really want to share with you
and Dash
Dash loves to travel and wants to see the world.Sunnie Bunnie, too,
a little bit of Geography,
Come on Now!
We've got some traveling to do!

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