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Band Of Angels

By Linda A. Copp

I wish I had a silver harp,
upon which I could play,
and every time I struck a chord,
joy would come your way.

I wish I had a golden flute,
upon which when I blew,
Heaven's gates would bare its peace,
and bring it unto you.

I wish I had a two tone horn,
of star dust and spun light,
And every time my lips knew it,
it brought forth love and light.

I wish I had a shiny lute,
with strings of purest gold
And every time I plucked a note,
warmth would fill the cold.
A Drum
I wish I had a little drum,
with the rhythm of the sea
And every time I beat on it,
Your heart know ecstasy.

I wish I had but, these five things,
His band of angels play,
And I could play them constantly,
for you throughout the day!

By Linda A. Copp

©August 10, 1970

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