Little Caesar

 by Linda A. Copp

Little Caesar up and died,
John Judas took his place.
Thought he'd dip his hands you see,
 in Caesar's hold on space.

And Caesar well, he left his shop,
his empty shelves behind.
He left his tiny kingdom
to the healer of our time.
Now, who keeps the shop
when the shopkeepers gone,
And who fills the shelves
when he decides to move along,
And who does the sufferin'
when the candy can't be had?

Not Caesar and not Judas,
just the sweet tooth's gone to bad.

Little Caesar up and died,
John Judas took his place,
Thought he'd dip his hands into
 the sickness of the race.

He robbed our suffering children,
Caesar's sick ones left behind.
The betrayal absolute,
Iscariot, is no friend of yours or mine.

 by Linda A. Copp

©April 28, 1971

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