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You Caught Me In

By Linda A. Copp

You caught me in, shaken surprised,
though I heard you there,
rattling about,
outside the door.

You caught me in, taken aback,
found me here in my little room
with its dusty shelves, its unmade bed.

You caught me in, embarrassed, afraid,
the lines I've unfinished,
the finished unmade.

Yes, you caught me in
my theater's here,
the script and the stage,
the scenes I've played and have yet to play.
The world, the uninvited, audience, judgea your performance!
Ah! You caught me home, unaware at my work.
Hadn't the time to change my shirt,
and you stand and you gape, with that quizzical look
but, what have you to say 'bout the privacy took.

What have you to say,
What have you to say,
now that you've found me,
my script,
and my play?

By Linda A. Copp

©December 3, 1970

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