The CornUcopia

by Linda A. Copp

It was three days after Halloween,
I was feeling kind of glum.

I'd eaten all my trick-or-treats,
every single one.

My Bat Man costume had been put away
along with my crime fighting days
and all in all, in many ways,
Christmas was just too far away.

I guess I was sad and mopey too
wishing Halloween was still ahead, yet to do.
When Mommy came to say, 
"Darling, why so blue?
These after Trick-or-Treating doldrums 
JUST will never do!

Cheer up dear and listen,
I'm telling you a secret
we're sharing between us two."

She bent down and whispered softly in my ear
so, nobody else could ever hear. 
 "On Thanksgiving Day morning 
Daddy's bringing home a great treat,
Something very special and scrumptious to eat,
A feast, yes a banquet, of so many good tastes,
flavors you will savor as the turkey cooks and bastes."

"Oh goodie!" I said to Mommy 
jumping up and down in joy.
 "Treats are the bestest things for kids to get
 if they're not getting any toys."

"What is it Mommy,  this treat,  oh, please tell me?
Is it cake, pie, ice cream, devil dog or cookie?"

"Oh No! This treat is so much better for you 
than any of that.
It is a Cornucopia, a horn of plenty in fact."

"Ha! A horn you hope-e-ah, Mommy, 
that's such a funny word," said I.

"No darling, a cornucopia," 
 said Mommy smiling and winking her eye.

"You wait and see sweetie, 
this will be such a surprise.
Thanksgiving will be a feast 
for both your belly and eyes."

Well, I could not wait 
wondering what it could be, 
this cornucopia,
this horn of plenty.
More Betterer than ice cream, 
More betterer than cake,
The bestest treat ever!
Oh! I just could not wait.

Finally, Thanksgiving Day came 
and I jumped out of bed.
While visions of sugary plums danced in my head.

 "This will be the bestest treat I've ever had
Thank goodness for Thanksgiving Day
and this treat I want it so, bad."

I went to the kitchen to find Mommy there, 
"Where is it Mommy?"

"Oh! It's right over there."

Ah! At last the Cornucopia! 

How delicious it would be.
I turned and I looked.

It was on the table behind my Daddy.
He lifted me up and moved to one side.
I was so, happy and excited
I was somersaulting inside.

"Well, hey wait just a minute 
Daddy, this cannot be right!

A horn like a basket 
but, filled with only a few things I liked.  
Nuts, sort of good, 
grapes that's not so bad
but all kinds of vegetables,
 I never wished for or had.
Radishes, scallions how icky are they?

"Mommy, I hope they don't taste like spinach
which I won't eat, no way!
Awh! Daddy what is this,  
yucky red beets?
Cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes,
these are not my kind of treats!
Corn and squash, pumpkins
awful big onions reek!
Well, bananas ok,
But, Mommy I really must say
I do not think this was worth
waiting for on Thanksgiving Day.
Where are the candies?
Hey, can some one dunk these
cranberries or apples in caramel 
or chocolate sauce please!

 Listen, Mommy! 
Cornucopia's are not yummie to me!
They are not tummy pleasers 
or Kid-u-hope-ias  most certainly!"

by Linda A. Copp

November 3, 2000

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