I've got my lantern lite for you to see.
There's Creatures

By Linda A. Copp

There's creatures everywhere,
over yonder, over there,
somes are light and bright and fair,
somes are dark and somes despair,
slippy, sliding here and there,
somes will spy and somes will dare,
somes just tangle and ensnare,
and somes, just don't seems to care!

Sneaking, peeking through the trees,
like a shadow, no one sees,
we can't see, 'em out of sight,
Oh! and don't go out at night

Cause there's creatures everywhere,
to hear, get near, somewhere,
over yonder, over there,

I'm never ever glad, only very, very mad.

For we can't tells what makes them tick,
we's afraid they'll make us sick,
in their tangles dark and thick,
which is why we carry sticks,
in case, anybody slips,
Again I Say'ses,
we don't knows what makes them TICKS.

Cause there's creatures everywhere,
somes will tell ya' to beware
so-s, use your cautionary care,
when you go from here to there.

Oh, and don't go out at night,
they might getcha' and they bite!

I like laughing and its free, its what makes life fun for me.

Yes, there's creatures everywhere,
somes will say a little prayer,
somes will tippy toe with care,
through the forest, sea and air,

I will watch, won't speak, I've got lots of things I think.

But most,
most often, they won't speaks,
there's lots they won't repeats,
they pretend they got no feets,
and they never gather sweets.

And I repeats, they never speaks,
And they are awfully hard to meets,
Ah don't give them trick or treats,
less they've nothing else to eats.

I wait and hope watch, I can hurt ya' if I must.
There's things out in the woods,
that might hurt ya' if they coulds,
yes, so many coulds in woods,
hiding in the woulds and shoulds.

I think things are okay today, but you must not get in my way.
And still more things on the hill,
pressing 'gainst your window sill,
whats just never gets their fill,
of other creature's splats and spills.

I'm afraid, I hurt and cry, I don't want to die.
And there's things just 'neath the grass,
that tug and trip you as you pass,
oh but, you mustn't turns around,
when you hear their breathing sound,
least you come tumbling down,
gets hobbled, gobbled up side down.

I break into the ground, using tools and fools around.I'm looking for someone to tell what's yet to be done.
Yes, there's creatures everywhere,
making haste from here to there,
somes will say a little prayer,
most aren't going anywhere,
but, still it's their right to breathes,
this I do believes,
though I won't stop to sees,
if they are anything like me-s,

I'm running here and there but from what to where?
Cause there's creatures everywhere!
Be cautious treading there,
leave no footsteps when they fall,
no trail to them at all.
Yes, use your cautionary care.
when treading yonder, over there.

I'm thinking, make a change, things may never be the same.
Humph! I think I saws you fall,
hooves got tangled after all.
Should I stop and turns around,
is that a breathing sound,
I heard tumble to the ground?

Humph! I'm thinking, maybe I should wait,
take a chance it's not too late,
Cause we all share something,
air and space that we create.

Maybe we-s should all yells,
look at me, I've lots to say,
and I wants to shares my day,
so, before you-s walks away,
take a chance and wait,
say it's not too late,
cause we all shares something,
air and space that we create.

We all share something fate, is it something we create?
Cause there's creatures everywhere,
let's stop running, find a chair,
and we can share a little thing,
called wide eyed wondering,

I will listen when you speak and speak if you will listen.I spoke and I feel betta', heres an apple, I'm glad we metta'!
Stop and listen, I will too,
in the hopes we may undo,
all the caution in the air,
lookin' for nice-e, safe-e places where,
we hoped we'd never meets,
you with your furry, urry feets,
and your eyes of slit and sleet,
and your face I never greet.

theres stories everywhere, this is one that we can share.You give me a laughing belly ache instead of fear and quake.
Hah, now, what's that you say,
you fell down just yesterday,
that's funny so, did I,
have some lemonade and pie,
your afraids of scary things',
no hugs and buggy stings,
you like stories and pretend,
and you wants to be my friend?

Yes, there's still creatures everywhere,
but, now there's one less one to scare,
but still,
still there's watchers in the woods,
hiding in the coulds and shoulds,
and I woulds help them if I could,
but it won't do-s us any good,
if you won't goes with me.
You see,
that's the way it has to be.

For you-s must use cautionary care,
when going yonder over there,
for there's danger and surprise,
in a stranger creature's eyes,

Creatures that reaches, have so much to teaches!
And though "we all need the water,
and we all need the air
I know I need more me-ses than me,
to meets,
the creatures waiting there,
watching, waiting, here and there
slippy, sliding everywhere,
sneaking, peeking, maybe seeking,
Over yonder, over there!

By Linda A. Copp

©April 25, 1999

"we all need the water and we all need the air"  
from "Antarctica" Geography Poem

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