By Linda A. Copp

Sunlight drenched the snow,
spun its soft gold glow,
As it spilled on to the ground,
its splashing home profound.
The earth was caught in light,
had taken way the night,
As bathed in pools of glow,
it welled and seemed to grow.
To one wondrous sea,
of light and love and Thee.


The holy hand of Him so high,
had hushed away the darkened sky,
And ushered in the dawn of day,
to which all life could only say,
That we are subjects all to light,
and to Him who speeds the light.

And so the day had thus begun,
rising so, the fiery sun,
To which all life is brought to be,
within His palm both you and me.

His diamonds dance upon the snow
weaving so, their happy glow,
Until they have touched all our eyes,
with warmth and love and blue, blue skies.

And so, Christ smiles and waves His hand,
and light is swept throughout the land.

As He commands the sun to shine,
and knows our hearts both yours and mine.
And He, the King of Earth and sky,
commands the moon and sun and I.

And daybreak measures another mile,
another chance for all to smile,
Another space in this our time
to fill with actions, thought, and rhyme.

Daybreak wakes us all from sleep
and it's a promise sweet and deep,
Another bluebird on the wing,
another chance for all to sing.

And when the light begins to fade,
as colors turn a darker shade,
Remember He who spends the light,
also brings and paints the night.

For all must rest to rise anew
and He will watch o'er me and you,
Until tomorrow tumbles through,
the sleeping sky and unto you.

By Linda A. Copp
January 22, 1970

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