Fantiful Bird in Flight
 Flights of Fantasy
By Linda A. Copp

How the flights of fantasy
can bewilder some.
How it can capture loneliness
make it flee and run,
And turn the tables
inside out,
The cry into a shout,
Can make the unexpected fun,
The expected cease to come.

Yes! strange that path of fantasy
makes happier the mind,
Makes brighter, lighter, the joy within,
which rings and sings and climbs.

Flights can come and flights can go,
And flights can come between,
And you'll find that I'll be riding there
Where the forest meets the green.

Yes, I'll ride the wings of fantasy,
of wonder, love and light,
And I'll ride them here,
and I'll ride them there,
through the winding paths of night.

And I'll sing to you of that rainbow high
Of its lovely, lofty light,
Of those wonderful, enchanted Isles
Yes, my fantasies of Flight!

We share our fantasies with dreams!

By Linda A. Copp ©

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