House Of Ice
By Linda A. Copp

I'm living in a house of ice,
and everyone takes a slice.
Bit by bit it's gone,
but, the cold keeps coming on.

And the chillChills, Icicle Arms, Man inside my heart,
has torn its drapes apart.
The mirror in my, eyes
has seen the truth, the lies.

The lines lost in my head,
echo cold and dead.
Remembering the torment,
the agony, the doubt,

With bits and pieces of myself,
my failures, all cry out.
Always falling short of
what was meant by me.
Always falling short of
what I strive to be.

And if my castles aching
it aches, o'er the great loss,
The emptiness,
the holocaust.

And the guilt keeps coming on,
eating me alive
Destroying what I think, I think,
and how I've tried to strive.

And somehow my love's a little less
than all the best may be.
Somehow, its meager borders are,
too dull to silence me.

And after all the loving,
After all the care,
To see my house has turned into,
this maddening home so bare.

I cannot help but wonder why,
the sweet beliefs, I hold,
And the dreams, I've given, told,
are shattered by this ice,
Which comes to wound, and slice.

And it cannot be the world's fault,
the failure lies in me.
It seems as if my efforts were
no more than agony.
And I question, question, every thought I hold
every action I have made.
And still I have no answers for
this ice cold chamber that's been laid.

And, what lies in my subconscious
is the answer to my now.
But what lies there is hard to share
I cannot find it now, somehow.
For it seems to me, I try for good,
it seems to me, I reach out.
It seems to me I deny myself
those things which are all about.

For to me the material is so dull,
So empty, less than Right.
So useless in its emptiness,
So unimportant in His Light.

But still and all my mind can't rest,
my uncertainty can't let go.
And I will suffer eternally,
unto myself, until I know.

Man Breaking Ice
I cannot rest until I find the truth,
the truth to what I be
I cannot rest until I answer
these questions cast,
in icy destiny.

By Linda A. Copp
©September 29, 1973

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