Sitting in my elders favorite chair.

In Between The Cushions
By Linda A. Copp

I'm older, so much older.
and I'm neither here nor there.
I'm just in between the cushions
of my elder's favorite chair.

Now, the children sing their love songs
of brotherhood and right,
And I believe their beauty
yes, I cherish their sweet light.

But, I know the world won't sing them,
it's gone tone deaf and cold.
Yet, the children go on singing
and I find I'm growing old.

When I can see the visions,
the beauty, and still know,
They'll never be a brotherhood,
or life that's free of woe.

They'll always be a bad guy,
a someone wants a little more.
They'll always be a put down
for the ego that must soar.

But, oh, yes, I see more hope now,
more good, more chance of peace.
And if anyone can change the world
or make the fighting cease,

It's these children and their love songs,
may some live in every land,
May they change the hearts of many,
may they multiply, expand.

And then perhaps if the masses,
can live, believe in good,
Then the one or two Mr. Bad Guys,
will be crushed, if but they could.

Yes, I believe the love songs,
I sing them as I've tried.
And if my friend won't listen,
then I'll still sing them here, inside.

I'll still live the way I think is true,
won't let the cold set in.
But, I think my age is screening me,
from hurting so, within.

For like my elders faced with problems,
so complex, and hard and true,
I begin to find my solace in
smaller problems, too!

In lesser, complex, problems,
in a tinier world my own,
With friends and loved ones dear to me,
their lives and mine alone.

Yes, just like my Elders,
I begin to understand,
Their frustrations and their small, small worlds,
their clenched and wary hands.

I'm older so much, older,
and I'm neither here nor there.
I'm just in between the cushions
of my Elder's favorite chair.

And my heart's not quite yet bought it,
the small world, the broken dream.
For I'm but one half of both of them.
Yes, I'm just somewhere in between!

By Linda A. Copp 
©February 1, 1972

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