Loving Couple

My Love, My Peace
By Linda A. Copp

For precious moments I knew you
And knew no other one.
You were the moon, the earth, the sun,
And all else ceased to be.

I knew no other thought
I knew but destiny.
For fleeting seconds all had stopped
but my love For thee.

For fleeting seconds I was allowed
All the peace I'll see.
This treasured moment blazes now,
within my memory.

And all the tragic sorry notes that cry
Can't take from me
The peace and joy of us alone
with no one else in sight,
The beauty of that blessed time
when I first saw the light.

My Poet, Prince and Christmas wish,
I love your depth and song.
My Candle, Guide, and Loving Light,
I know where I belong.

My Only Love, I'll cease to live
if ever you fly on,
And I'll wish this cold hard stone would break
And shatter to the ground.

Yet, I'll never be as I was
before I knew your love,
Never like that quiet one
that flew so like a dove.

I'll be a rock, unmovable,
a dark and shrouded stone.
I'll be a shooting star
falling fast and all alone.

And so you see that my life rests,
rightly in your hands.
For you have taken what be me
to strange enchanted lands.

And made me some sweet princess,
some creature well unknown
For I was never half these things,
that you have seen and known.

You built your own sweet paradise,
round what you thought was me,
And I must strive to reach its heights
with what I merely be.

A Poet's rhyme is fleeting,
it dwells within his heart
And hence the verse so changes,
when that heart's apart,

But now know this my Love,
if know no other thought
That all the time, eternity
the twelfth of never sought,
Are but fragments of this well
hidden deep within.
It contains our hearts and souls,
what we are or could have been.

By Linda A. Copp
©October 8, 1969

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