Tree With Fallen Leaves

The Lost Time
By Linda A. Copp

Autumn is dying, its colors have flown.
Sped to that place away and unknown.

Branch Losing Leaves
The leaves have all curled, withered and cried
Their warmth and their beauty, appear to have died.

Brown Leaves
And the red and gold that dressed once the trees
Has faded and fallen deserted the leaves.
Left them in sorrow and quietly fled
Leaving them hopeless, tattered and dead.

And the golden hue that draped the blue
Has left the sky and left me too!
That streaking sunlight that filled the sky
Has flown away, I don't know why.

The warmth that filled the heart alone
Has turned so cold and chilled the bone.
And I stand alone and fast survey
The passing scene as it slips away

Bare Trees
The barren trees chilled and alone.
These shrouded skies that look like stone.

And they will remain to haunt the land
'til the first flake falls 'pon where I stand.
'til the first snowfall is given birth
And finds this unfound time on Earth.

By Linda A. Copp
November 10, 1969

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