The Mayflower

The Mayflower
by Linda A. Copp

"The Mayflower," a sturdy, little, merchant ship
 set sail in 1620   on a great, big trip.

Leaving Plymouth England, on the sixteenth day,
in the middle of September, it just sailed away!

Swish, swash across the Atlantic Ocean,
bobbing, rocking, rolling to its frantic motions
skimming, splashing, sailing on through the waves,

On and on she floated, a journey over many days

Filled to the brim with Pilgrims, now on their way,
to start a new life in Virginia, a half a world away,

and escape King James the First's tyranny
for believing as they did

by worshiping freely in their new colony!

And so ...

 Splish, splash, across the Atlantic Ocean,
tossing, heaving, swirling and in constant  motion
battered upon but pushing on its cresting waves,
the Mayflower's voyage lasted 66 days!

On November 21, they spotted land
but, were nowhere  near Virginia,
as they had planned!

Instead ...

Sailing into the harbor of what would become
Province Town, they came to 'Cap-Codd',
and laid their anchor down!

Yet, they were still not idle, after their lengthy trip,
writing the
"The Mayflower Compact",
while still aboard their ship.
On November 21, 1620, this document of laws
to govern their new colony
became the first governing agreement
ever to be written in America, though still at sea!

Then one month later, to the very day,
having sailed across the waters of Cape Cod Bay,
They finally stopped at the place they'd stay!

On December 21, 1620 The Mayflower docked.
And 'The Pilgrims' stepped onto Plymouth Rock!

Founding the "Plymouth Colony"
where one year later, it came to be.

They and their Native American friends,
in peace and harmony, shared corn, gave thanks ,
and ate turkey!
Making their "Thanksgiving Feast"
a part of history!

by Linda A. Copp
November 3, 200

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