Frankenstein in Chair
Lady McMichaels
By Linda A. Copp

Now, You say that you're happy
but, I know your not.
Got a Frankenstein monster,
in your parking lot.

Now, you say that your lover
you call all your own,
But, I know you're grieving
and he's never home.

And so, as I come here,
I stand and I say,
Lady McMichaels,
 love's gone astray.

The leaves that have fallen,
right off of the trees,
Are withering badly
and lying like thee.

Now, Lady McMichaels,
Your chilled to the bone,
And I'm tired of listening
when Frankie's not home.
Frankenstein Head

And you say that your happy
but, I know your not,
Got a Frankenstein monster
in your parking lot.

And you know that your grieving
the skies are all gray,
And he loves you deeply,
is all you can say.

Masks are of lipstick,
painted your smile,
And your Frankenstein monster's,
Well, he's been gone
---quite awhile.

By Linda A. Copp
1971 Song

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