Snowman Melting
My World
By Linda A. Copp

And my world is falling fast apart,
piece by piece it's gone.
Like a melting snowman there outside,
a wanderer moving on.

And all the things I used to know,
the things I used to feel,
Are drenched in dark uncertainty,
and that uncertainty is real.

My security, my comfort, came
from the love I knew was there,
But my loving's falling fast apart,
and I'm not sure I care.

I don't know what's happened,
I only know I'm numb.
Like all the hurting in the world
has made me deaf and dumb.

There are no words for this Limbo,
and the turns my life has made.
I can't explain this hollow ache,
this gnawing which won't fade.

I'm older, so much older,
and the weariness sets in,
As if I can't fight back anymore,
I'm in a race, I'll never win.

I've always thought that people
were all that mattered and
Giving gifts and loving them,
well, they both went hand in hand.

But, just like all the sharing
that two people like to do,
Just like all the giving,
needs someone to give to,

So, does love need loving back
or it's given all away,
Like a wishing having granted wishes,
with nothing left to say.

The Wishing Well of Hope!

By Linda A. Copp
©March 1973

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