Pixies Sky and Leaf
By Linda A. Copp

There's a blue and a green pixie,
dressed in sky and leaves of Spring,
Scampering o'er the countryside,
with wands and songs to sing,

Touching all the wilderness,
with wonder and new birth.
Music played so sweetly,
it sings to everything on earth.

The Sky Pixy speaks of children,
tomorrows and the stars.
The Leaf Pixy speaks of secrets
and Big Elfkin cookie jars.

And both of them are sitting there,
on buttercups and trees,
Listening to the day arrive,
and the droning of the bees.

Tonight they'll sup on Butter Bread,
and honeyed cups of punch.
But, for now, they'll laze there, tentatively,
waiting for their lunch.

When all the little children,
come out of doors to play,
 the pixies leave their beddy-byes.
And then waving wands away,

they go chasing all their laughter,
catching innocence in puffs,
Turning them into cookies,
and candy bars and stuff.

Until all the goodness,
of the sunshine and the day,
Is baked into their happiness,
and lunch times come their way.

Child eating lunch.
Then sitting on the buttercups,
lazing again there on the trees,
The pixies munch their candy bars,
and the children, their cookies.

Both content in make believe,
in happiness and fun,
The pixies dozing, smiling too,
too soon the day is done.

By Linda A. Copp
 ©October 20, 1971 

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