Face of Snow Queen
Rachel Rebecca
By Linda A. Copp

Rachel Rebecca runs down the stairs
Looks around and there's no one there.
Just icy stares from the vacant walls
And the hollow haunting of memory falls,

The empty, stillness cuts the air,
There's no one there, there's no one there.
Yet, a haunting presence pervades the room
And mocks this empty and lonely tomb.

Cry out Rebecca, cry out now
Climb through the window, come out and play.
The children are wanting, and yet you stay,
And yet, you stay, and yet, you Stay.

Black as ebony her hair dangles down
Makes a solid symbolic crown.
And it swings and flies, as her head is thrown,
Touches lightly upon the bone.

She flies by with face aglow
Yet, who has seen it and who can know
Of the light and wonder that sleeps within
And by its depth becomes her sin.

Come away Rebecca, come away now
Break these locks that bind thy doors
And confine your life forevermore,
Forevermore, forevermore.

She stands so, still and so, alone.
Quiet and shy her face unknown,
And the only one to see her smile,
Or to know her heart is this house of guile.

The empty haunt in which she dwells
Keeps her hidden as danger wells,
And the empty glass that wants for drink
Swallows her now, it's death I think.

Rachel Rebecca fly away
Flee this house which keeps you, prey.
The children are waiting and yet, you stay
And yet you stay, and yet you stay.

Shadows steal silently about the room
And whisper softly of fright and doom.
The only candle that shines at all
Is you Rebecca within these walls.

Yet, you are dying your strangling here.
You're choking slowly, on every tear.
So, please reach out, please run away
Flee this haunt which holds you prey.

Rachel Rebecca fly away
Climb through the window, come out and play!
The children are waiting, and you stay
And yet you stay, and yet you stay.

By Linda A. Copp
November 7, 1969

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