Abridged Version

Robin Hood
By Linda A. Copp

Robin HoodMaid Marion loved her hero, robin Of Locksley.robin Hood crusader for the poor as well as, King Richard. hero,
legend, myth or man?
Lived in merry England,
the Shire of Nottingham.
He led a band of bandits who,
defied Prince John.
Outlaws who outwitted him
his whole life long.
Merry Men

Loyal to King Richard
then crusading far from home
these robber's made it their mission
to keep the scheming Prince
from ascending Richard's throne.

Stealing from the rich and greedy,
giving to the poor and needy,
it's no wonder they became
heroes in the people's name.

Now, an age remembers them,
for deeds instead of crime,
in folk lore and literature
they've been recorded for all time,
as defenders of the poor folk
who kept the rich in line.

Little John, a giant of a man.
So, hooded villains
dressed in green,
hiding in the wood,
right or wrong or in-between,
I think I understood,
That times and troubles
may make men do
things they'd rather not
and a people's need most certainly
can turn a thief into,
a beloved Patriot!

By Linda A. Copp
August 6, 2004 Abridged version

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