Sleepy Hollow

By Linda A. Copp

Have you been to Sleepy Hollow
that tavern by the woods
Where long ago one yesterday
men gathered there and stood,
And told their scary stories
of a Headless Horsemen who
Gathered up their countrymen
like potatoes in a stew

Headless Horseman
Well , I've been to Sleepy Hollow
and without benefit of glass.
I've listened to the stories
and seen them come to pass.
And hid among the shrubs there
yes, cringed behind a tree,
While that Headless armor gleaming
came whipping up past me -
Wielding out a giant sword,
a massive steel and blade
And riding on an animal
of steel and stone and staid.
Headless Horseman with Sword

I hear him on the bridge, now!
I see the moonlight strike.
His sword and armor riding past
there's nothing that he's like.
A fear, a brute, a cruel thought
I cower in the trees.
I have to sit and ponder him
yet, hope he never sees!

Pumpkin Head

By Linda A. Copp © 

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