Ballerina Slippers

Glass Slippers
By Linda A. Copp

Glass Slippers are fragile
they often crack, break.
So, they have to fall softly
tread 'pon no mistake.

Because if they stumble
they'll stumble just once
Delicate, fragile
rapped by the months.

They may crash on a stone
a branch or a twig
From something quite small
to something quite big.

And caution's the by-word
as gentle's their step
They have beauty and breakage
to wear as they've crept.

And the person in slippers
spun but of glass
Must learn to walk softly
'pon stone, wood and grass.

Yes, glass slippers are fragile,
very easily broken
By a knock or a knick
or a syllable spoken.

And if they shatter
they'll cut and they'll gash
Their beauty forgotten
with one hurt, one smash.

So, slippers be careful
and falter if you must
But Remember one too many
and you'll shatter, yes, you'll bust.

You were made a cautious keepsake'
in her finery to beware,
To walk on ever humbly
upon the wings of prayer.

And I hope boots one day find you
before you fumble and you fall
Before your smashed, gashed, bleeding
lost to beauty and us all.

By Linda A. Copp
November 7, 1970

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