A troll with something to say!This trollsez whats to know "what's A Matter You?'Trolls are always pointing fingers, they thinksez they knowsez it all!

Trollsez Supposez

By Linda A. Copp

The Trollsez supposes they knowsez it all.
They sit in the shadows 
and hide under the walls.
They belches and sneezes.
They does as they pleases.
As they whistles and wheezes
and kicksez your knees'ez.

They slips and they trips 
and they skips and they drips.
They licksez their fingers
and smacksez their lips.

They follow you homesez,
won'ts leave you alonesez!
Making moansez and groanez 
and using no combsez!

They fuss and they cuss 
and they whine and they grunt.
They never say please or thank you
or I'll take you to lunch.

They cut up the treesez, 
tears off of their leavesez.
As they snivels and squeezes, 
Wiping nosez on sleevesez.

They curls up their toesez, 
turns uppa their nosez,
supposing they knowsez it all!
MY! They bite and they scratch 
and they crawl.
Some Trollsez seem cuties but can turn mad in a flash!
I do not like the Trollsez At All!

Trollsez use toesez in Mud flinging brawls.
They break all your crayons 
and writes on the walls.
Stamping feetsez, they preaches 
their cry baby chants.

Waiting under dark bridges, 
 as they ravesez and rants.
They wear dirty clothesez 
there hair is all matted
and shaking with rage
they are wild as mad hatters!

They chewsez your candy, 
they eat all your cakes 
and they never gives you nothing 
but big belly aches!

Trollsez composes the banshee's shriek song
wailing up to the moon in the wind all night long.

They stealsez the toyses 
of good girl and boyses.
Making lots of foul Noises
and no good real choicez.

They smell like burnt wood, 
ash trays or old wine
And they don't bathes at all,
they ain't gots enough time.
They won't go to work.
Underneath Trolls are scary, sometimes they jumps out at you. 
They won't go to school
 and think being nice is only for fools.

And the Trollsez supposes 
they knowsez it all!
They spit and they grumble, name call and maul. 
They pretends to be friends, 
they pretends to like you
But, they only like them
and are bullies it's true.

They wants what you gots 
and enough just won't do
They thinks only of them 
and they never of YOU!

Trollsez eat roses and give you their thorns
They rip up the flowers and poke with their horns.
So's bewares of the Trollsez where ever you go
You can smells them, they're smoky
I'm telling you so.

Don't rescue a  Trollsez 
whatever you do.
Don't give them your trust,
or I'm telling you, 
They'll gobble you up and spit you out too!

Yet, The trollsez supposez 
they knowsez it all!
It is all about them, 
you don't matter at all.
Your just a means to an ends,
their just fiends, not your friends.
Let me say this again,
Deceivers, aren't friends.

Humph! And The Trollsez supposes 
they knowsez it all!
No, I don't like those mean, 
spiteful Trollsez at all!

By Linda A. Copp
April 18, 2000

Graphics are from Jo's World

The composition you are listening to is Trollocs by Stig Vegar

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