Within His Light

By Linda A. Copp

Sunshine fills the cool clear blue.
Flowers rise amidst the dew.
Angels hover in the clouds at play
And Christ is smiling this happy day.

The blue sky stretches endlessly,
From point to point from tree to tree.
It's magic cloak has come to rest
And blessed the earth in happiness.

For Christ in singing 'way above
Filling the heavens with His love.
And it's descending down on earth
like new beginnings given birth.

There is light and wonder and blessed peace.
The magic touch of His love won't cease.
The sunbeams play upon the pane.
Spilling on the grass like rain.
Window of Daylight
Filling faces with warmth and cheer
and making the heavens come so near,
That we can touch the Holy King,
See Him smiling in everything.

So, today is our day, yours and mine,
given by the King Divine.
Sped to us with His promise kept,
and a reminder to keep ours, least we forget.

And so, we the humble, hope on high,
That He the Healer in the sky,
Will always see the roses red,
His blossoms blooming, petals spread.

For He the Poet in the sky
keeps his eye on you and I.
And He will hold us in His grip,
He'll never let His loving slip.

We're protected by His light,
Throughout the day and into night.
So, let us pray and thank Him then,

From day to day, now and then,
For speeding His love,
His special grace
Upon us all the human race.

   By Linda A. Copp
 © March 28, 1970

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