Scared Bunny

Woke Up This Morning
By Linda A. Copp

Woke up this morning
with the blues in my head.
Those very same blues
that took me to bed.

And the morning mist sunshine
outside of my brain
Is much like the glitter
on the cold window pane.

It's dancing off somewhere,
God knows the place.
And I'm unbelieving.
I'm lost in this space.

Wish I could climb out of
these chilling, stone blues.
But, the promises wither
and I can't find my shoes.

The people I care for
well, they care not for me.
And the things that I cling to
have long, since left me.

I'm alone in my forest
with the things that I've lost,
And the times that I've given
the streets that I've crossed.

Well, they all lay before me
in spattered array
And I wait for tomorrow
but to live through today.

When I've spent my tomorrows
on pretty thoughts said,
That simply can't come
till I've straightened my head.

For the dates on the calendar
well, they come and they go.
And even they've left me
with answers of no.

When I needed, I needed
some special sweet care
But nobody came,
there was nobody there.

And to spend my life, my beliefs
on this thought,
That love was the everything
and you find that it's not.

Perhaps it's the truth
or perhaps it's a lie
But, I find it so lonely,
such a strange way to die.

For love's my belief,
my being, my rhyme.
But, I've spent every penny
and it's poverty time.

Yes, I've given, I've given,
I've given away me.
And I can't help feeling
this deep agony.

As, I realize so, sadly
that they never loved me,
And that I may not be able
to give, eternally!

By Linda A. Copp
 © September 2, 1971

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