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Easter activities, coloring pages, puzzles, crosswords, word searches, poetry. Easter facts, traditions and history.


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Sunnie BeeHappy Easter Everyone!

Below are some activities, puzzles and facts about Easter!

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The cross at Calgary

About Easter

Information on Easter and its traditions!

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Easter Coloring Pages!

Crayons to color with!

Bunnie Painting Egg Page 01

Sitting Bunny Painting Egg Page 02

Bunnie With Flower Page 03

Bunnie Painting Egg Page 04

Bunnie Delivering Egg Page 05

Bunnie Drops Basket Page 06

Bunnies and Basket Page 07

Running Bunnie Page 08

Duckling Hatches Page 09

Easter Eggs Page 10

Bunnie Brings Egg Page 11

Bunnie Painting Egg Page 12

Bunnie Running with Egg Page 13

Easter Basket to Color Page 14

Duck with Easter Basket Page 15

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Bunny sniffing at treats

Kids Easter Puzzles

Easter Wordsearch Puzzles Kids

Easter Crossword Puzzles Kids

Kids Easter On-Line Quizzes
 5 Question

Kids Easter On-Line Quizzes
 10 Question

Middies & Deluxe Puzzles

pencils do good work

Actvities Easter Connect the Dots

Easter Color In and Count  

Count & Color One 
Answer Questions

Count & Color Two
Answer Quiz questions

Quiz's & Questions

Sunnie Bunnie Is Wondering?

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Holiday Riddles

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Easter Poems

 Poetry Activities Directory
for Poetry more activities.

I Hear Somethin Thumpin'
a favorite!

Hippity Hoppin'

Bunnie Hoppin

Mr. Hip Hoppity

Reflections of the Cross

Lily Flower

a Spring Poem

The Lily 

 March 13th

He Said

And He Went Away To Pray
Music & Graphics takes time to load
Serious poem about Christ in Gethsemane*

Activities based on the poems at
Easter Poetry Activities Directory


More Easter Pages

To Sunrise Island Easter

To Easter Island

 "Peter Cottontail", (petercottontail.mid)  

Easter Puppets, Books, Films, and Links,

PuppetsHand Puppet on StageFor Sale!

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