Circus Big Top

A Circus
By Linda A. Copp

Merry be the Circus that stopped at my door.
The clowns and magicians the animals o'er.
The acrobatsAcrobatsheld tentatively, up in theAcrobats sky.
The smell of the peanuts, the popcorn, the pie.
The magic and wonder of this untraveled land.
The unknown adventures held tight in its hand.
The colors and splendor, the spectators keen.
The fire-eaters, Ring Masterringmaster, whole jumbled scene.
The calliope music filling the air,
Compressing its spaces to cheer everywhere.
The clowns painted faces Clown Waving and funny wild dress.
The ladies short dresses, concealing much less.
The crazy wild aura that pervaded the tents,
The Circus Elephant elephants, the tigers, 
the trainers, the scents.
The hoops and the rings and jungle free rides
The rainbow spangled people we all keep inside.
The seals and the horses, the The Strongman strongman, 
the bear.
The ringmaster's voice booming aloud in the air.

And Golly, we loved it, 
my family, friends and I!
How we cherished ardently, 
each laugh and yell and cry.
For it was all of life's known songs
and everyone we've met.
It was pure enchantment, 
a joy we shan't forget!

Circus Crowd

By Linda A. Copp

©April l0, 1970

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