Doves of Understanding

Kindred Spirits
By Linda A. Copp

"And On the winged, booted feet
of Mercury's, quick"
We are here and we are gone,
souls cast out and ripped
from the shadows we live in
and call all our own,
to the heavens, the four winds,
through the mists we are blown.

The Rabbit, Linda energy and new beginings.

Soul Dancers, prancing,
adrift on the mists.

The wind blowing all the pieces once on across the heavens.

As they and the four winds collide
and are kissed,
Becoming one.
Like we Kindred Spirits
once were,
one soul and one sun.
Yes swept there
and kept there,
In God's mists of Azure.

The Lamb, Carol gentle and kind.
Through the blankets of time,
swept across all our skies,
Kindred Spirits adrift,
see their souls meet and fly.

And their born of a spirit
that none can see,
But it's felt in the shadows,
 and flows to the seas.

And it sees and it knows,
though the mists meet and rise,
Kindred Spirits are breathing
their life to the skies.

And none shall deny
their souls as they fly,
or another's great spirit
when they've looked in their eyes.

And seen the center of God 
in their hearts and their hands,
they've met for a moment,
then they're gone, yet, it stands.

That they understood
 in those slivers of time,
that the knowledge they knew,
they spoke to and flew,
was another piece of themselves gone
and yet, given to you.

We live alone
and we die alone
and if somewhere in between,
we find we have spoken,
we've touched or we've seen,
another one like us,
who's been where we've been;
it's the most blessed of feelings,
to Have taken them in.
For, our aloneness is broken,
its knelt,
Been Replaced,
by the sharing of one to another,
It's felt.
It's Embraced!

As the love emptying out,
pouring out of us finds,
we've been blessed by
the Father with hope,
sweet peace of mind.

For to be given a soul
with whom you can share,
all your innermost secrets,
the scars we all bare,
is a gift like no other,
A treasure so great,
it can redeem and recover,
our heartache,
Our fate.

David, The Blue Bird of Happiness full of song and joy.
It is the sweetest blessing
of this breathing Lung,
To have shared for sweet moments,
this time under the sun.
Where Kindred Spirits were allowed
to meet, feel and greet.
Spilling into each other,
their love,
their souls deep and sweet.

Kindred Spirits,
Kindred Spirits,
Adrift in the winds,
scattered through time,
We see, We begin.

Butterfly, Katie spiritual truth soaring free.
And So, the love and the wonder,
we hold for this time, 
will fill us with its Magic
from time to time.

Spreading its blanket,
of sweet peace, our love,
Like a warm cup of Kindness,
Spilt down from above.

Yes, we are Kindred Spirits,
and that's all I know,
Of God in His Heaven,
and times Long Ago!

Wolf, Ghostwolf courage and compassion.
Kindred Spirits,
I promise that I shan't forget,
this sliver in time,
your souls that I've met.

For they are etched now in mine
and shall ever be,
The deepest of depths,
these pieces of thee.

These pieces you've shared,
and given to Me.
As I've shared mine too
and given to thee.

Sketched , Interwoven,
my tapestry's done.
Kindred Spirits once drifting,
now, tethered,
as One.

By Linda A. Copp
May 16, 1999

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Kindred Spirits to me are those very special individuals who can peek inside each others souls and  find themselves there. They share an understanding of each other that is as rare and pure as it is beautiful.  Often, they come into each other's lives to teach and guide and yet, they do this all with kindness, compassion, patience and  great love. They do not  scold nor criticize but, rather lift one  spiritually!  Pointing the way, restoring our faith in ourselves and one another they take away our aloneness for sweet breaths of time,  as they tug us forward to a new enlightened horizon, This poem is dedicated to my kindred spirits who continue to inspire, comfort and light my way!
I am well blessed because of all of YOU!
 David, Katie, Carol and GhostWolf,

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