"I dedicate this to David and His "Lady of the Morning Mists"
with thanksgiving for his friendship and incredible MUSIC and POETRY.
His music gave me the words!
Celestial Apparition: The Lady of The Lake

Portrait of Mary from "The Celestial Apparition" 
by Jonathan Earl Bowser

Tahoe's Lady of The Lake
By Linda A. Copp

I hear the lapping of the water,
at all its edges, 
pledging, vows Of eternity.
As I wait for thee,
For My Mystress,
My Lady of the Lake.
Oh! Where is she,
this Love of mine, this dream,
that I can neither forget nor forsake?

The Lady Tahoe,
Where are you?

And so, I watch, I listen,
I pray and I wait.

Tahoe is speaking to my very soul,
weaving her tapestry.
Reaching out to me,
in her poetry and artistry,
with such tender, fairy rendered fantasies.
Casting her spells
in wishes yet, to be,
buried and kept in the depths,
of me and she.

Tahoe's Blues, wondrous!
Yes, You are all of this.
Sweet Serenity is you!
Splashing all about,
God's paint brush,
has rendered you
and sent you into Infinity.
He has kissed you
in His praise,
wrapped His Sweet Blessings,
in these days.
And now, sings here, 
in a hundred different ways.

For God plays his own instruments,
His words are its notes,
Tahoe's own sweet symphony.
Composed of all these melodies
He has written, blessed, sung
And then again rewrote.

I feel Your Spirits
they come again to find their way
amongst the living and the gone.
They linger here amidst
all star crossed lovers,
and the very stars they wish upon.
And In their countless rebirths,
We are reborn,
along with God's
own never ending song.

I weep for the beauty that is You!
These Your Vaults of Blue!
For I can never re create
in poetry nor paint,
the splendor which art you,
surrounding me.
All this that I touch and feel and see.
Your dress of deep and sky
wraps about me.
And I cry.
Something in the very air,
A stirring in the trees,
whispering through the leaves
beckons me.
Yes, Tahoe's Melody,
Is calling out to me
and I reply with this Love song 
which is mine
it's spilling out to thee,
rising, crystal clear.

Drifting through the air,
hear and see,
its wondrous notes, surrounding me,
dancing with the breeze,
ballets that rise, descend, then climb again.
Up to the mountains, then your skies
And all along theses waters and the shore,
Where I stand rejoicing in this orchestration,
Which is Yours!
Sweet Revery,
of music, dance and me.

Tahoe's wrapping
every sliver of Thy soul
about its breathing, living sky.
As it sweeps across my brow
there are no words,
for the rising feelings felt
and my soul has knelt and bowed
to that, I still can not see.
Tahoe's depths reaching deep inside of me.

Emeraude is all of this,
Thy Love Song
And thy Kiss..

Enchantment all of this.

And I am
Still seeking my Lady in these Mists.

The Lady Tahoe.
I feel her, My Lady,
looking into her crystal blue mirror
watching for her through this pool 
of waiting need,
something in me pleads,
let it at last be so.

A voice,
her voice calls out to me.

I am here!

I wait.
I watch.
I yearn.
Can Love be all this
joy and thanksgiving,
falling down and ecstasy?
Then Lake Tahoe, she awakes.
I see her shimmer
and I shiver.
Wonder is of this,
Mists like veils of lace are rising.
I see her spirit rise
the mists entwine and kiss.

The Lady of the Lake,
My Lady Tahoe,
Mystress of Thy Faeries and Thy Mists.
coming forth for me.
She is here and reaching out to me.
She looks into my eyes
and I cry for her and all that is this
Now, revealed to me.

She is all of majesty,
her arms surrounding me 
and I am lost in them and she,
She pulls my heart from me
in her spirituality.
We embrace,
We embrace!
I Kiss the dream
that I have dreamed but,
never quite believed, till, now.
And I think I shall never 
want for more,
than this moment on this shore.
And yet, I know, I cannot lose her now,
and so, I yield and fly with her.
I go to the center of her soul
Into Tahoe,
My Lady and I fall
down and down we flow,
  into these feelings
I have never dreamed could 
ever be shared or felt.
Drowning in the magic
which is love.
With descending, we ascend
and I am traveling bluey water ways,
In peace, in harmony,
My Lady Tahoe and me.
Lost in this splendor and this Love,
A world unto itself,
We become one with all there ever was
or will ever be of she and me.

our song, plays on,
our loves sweet prayer
that All Lovers find their way,
to one another and a home born 
of the like of this.
Tahoe's Mystress, Tahoe's Kiss,
Tahoe's Love To be both sought 
and found and heard,
forever floating in these mists.

Souls, Dreams, Visions fly, with these Spirits in the Mists.

By Linda A. Copp
June 7, 1999

The midi, "Emeraude", you hear  composed and performed by
David Folsom.
And is on his CD
To Order david's Cd "For The Love Of The Music."
"For The Love of The Music"

To hear more of David's beautiful music and read his poetry,
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