How Hunnie And Sunnie 
Became the Sunnie BunnieZZ

"Bee, why didn't you just tell us
what we were to do,
instead of biting me and papa too?"
Because you would not have understood me
until you were here, near the Tree!
It's SPIRIT makes this possible
and is what commanded me
twenty years ago to guard it
till it was revived
and to help its healer'
when he arrived!
So, I brought those killer bees here
to keep danger away.
But, I didn't know that Sunnie
was 'the healer' for certain 'til today!
Now, I am to serve Sunnie
as I once did the Tree,
ever the guardian bee!
But now, the Great Mann Elder Tree
awaits you!
What happens from here on in
is all up to you Two!"

"Bee," asked Sunnie
 how will I know what
the Mann Elder wants?"

"Just do what comes into your mind
was the bees response!"

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