A History and Introduction  to Clowning by Noggin Bodd


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Noggin Bodd
Noggin Bodd
Jester, Puppeteer and Magician
An Introduction
Clowns and clowning through the ages has been identified with many kinds of performers, entertainment and art forms. Here's a brief explanation of some terms associated with the art of professional clowning. As well as, and at the great risk of boring you, a very personal account of, yes, my life as a Jester and a Puppeteer. And well, shall I say, though I am not considered by my peers, (that means fellow clowns), to be particularly good at either of my chosen professions, I can say that I have had an adventuresome life, to say the very least, and a lot of chuckles along the way.
In the interest of good humor and looking only at the bright side of it all, I can say this Fool has entertained and has been entertained. Maybe not always as I had planned, as too often, the juggling was too much with three of anything and the Magic was always a little disillusioning. However, to my credit, the show has always gone on, with or without the audience, with or without the applause, and with or without financial gain. Yes, many times, there were those who absolutely refused to pay me! In fact, some actually threatened to sue me, while others threatened me with bodily harm! Still at heart, I am, and always will be a clown regardless, of what anyone else may believe.

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